BMR Academy

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The BMR Academy was founded by championship winning British Touring Car Team, Team BMR, to nurture young talent from an early stage in the career.

The BMR Academy provides tailored mentoring on everything from fitness to driving tuition to help young drivers maximise there on track performance. Based at the BTCC headquarters each driver will see first hand what it takes to make a career in motorsport. 

The goal of the BMR Academy is to identify new talent and provide them with the expertise required to compete to the best of their ability and progress through the ranks of motorsport.

The Academy offers assistance to members in key areas of motorsport development, preparation and on track performance - such as: Fitness and nutritional training, simulator tuition, technical and psychomotor skills and PR & Media Training.

BMR Academy aims to carry drivers from the grass roots of motorsport, all the way up to the pinnacle of British Motorsport - the British Touring Car Championship, all under one roof.